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Queen and Emily with Puzzle
Queen and Emily
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Tshidi and Ivy Practising First Aid
Tshidi & Ivy Practising 1st Aid
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Super Childminding

In this course the nanny/childminder learns to take care of children from birth to school going age. Each age group is catered for in a practical manner as the delegate is taught an all round approach to the handling of the baby from birth to 1 year, the toddler from 1 to 3 years and the child from 3 to 6 years. Baby/child is most important, but handling of the work load is also taught.

Week 1

Successful childminding.
Balancing duties.
Using a roster.
Following a routine.
Safety and security.

Week 2

Basic first aid.
Useful vocabulary.
Using daily activity. reports - so that mum knows what's been happening in her absence.

Week 3

All round development.
Helping the child to reach expected milestones.
Learning through various activities and play.

Week 4

Using and developing the five senses.
Stimulation: Language and reading.
Discipline: Tidying up (toys, bedroom etc).

Week 5

Fulfilling needs - physical, emotional and intellectual.
Introducing solid foods.




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